A look back on 2020:

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The year 2020 is almost finished (ouf). A crazy year with a worldwide pandemic that reminded us of the need for science and the importance of our work (even if it is a small piece). Despite this, the lab has some amazing good news, here is a sample of them:


Our grant “Deciphering Neisseria pathogens cell envelope evolution: optimization for virulence or Achilles’ heel of N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae?” has been partially funded by

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March: We received funding to build on our imagery platform (electron microscopy and animal imaging) from:

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Wikipedia

May: Martin wrote an article on Nightlife about COVID-19 fake news:

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June: Martin Chenal (Ph.d. in the lab) got the first place at the INRS contest “Ma thèse en 180s”


July: Our collaboration with Nick Doucet on the genome of Dictyopanus pusillus, the first eukaryote we have sequenced, is out:

PLOS ONE realizes an academic editor had a conflict of interest that the  publisher says it now tries harder to avoid – Retraction Watch

August: Our amazing postdoc Antony Vincent got his professor appointment at Université Laval:

September: Our article on Sigma Factor regulation, in collaboration with Marcel Behr, is out:

New research article published in Frontiers in Microbiology

October: Our scientific article about regulation of Sigma factor activity via methylation of promoters in Leptospira is out:

New 'featured paper' in Nucleic Acids Research, – Integrative Biomolecular  Modeling

See press release:

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November: 1) Our scientific article about a new compound that selectively kills Neisseria pathogens is out:

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2) A press release on that topic and several articles in the media:

Radio Canada

TVA Nouvelles

3) Eve Bernet (Ph.d. in the lab) received the first prize for her Poster presentation at the JQRSR

4) Our collaboration with Yves St-Pierre about Mycobacteria and mussels is out:

Scientific Reports

5) Martin Chenal (Ph.d.) in the lab got the second prize at the national final of “Ma thèse en 180s” (3 minute thesis)


6) 3 students from the lab (Ève Bernet, Martin Chenal, Juan Guerra) officially completed their M.Sc. and obtained their diploma. Two of them (Ève and Martin) are staying with us for a PhD.

December: I got my tenure associate prof promotion !!!! and Our article CAPRIB is out:

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