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CIHR Project Grant Funded!!!!!

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Our project “Deciphering the stepwise cell envelope evolution that allowed Neisseria nasopharyngeal adaptation and pathogenesis.” has been funded by CIHR. A great news for the lab for the next five years!

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A look back on 2020:

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The year 2020 is almost finished (ouf). A crazy year with a worldwide pandemic that reminded us of the need for science and the importance of our work (even if it is a small piece). Despite this, the lab has some amazing good news, here is a sample of them:


Our grant “Deciphering Neisseria pathogens cell envelope evolution: optimization for virulence or Achilles’ heel of N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae?” has been partially funded by

CIHR's visual identity - CIHR

March: We received funding to build on our imagery platform (electron microscopy and animal imaging) from:

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Wikipedia

May: Martin wrote an article on Nightlife about COVID-19 fake news:


June: Martin Chenal (Ph.d. in the lab) got the first place at the INRS contest “Ma thèse en 180s”

July: Our collaboration with Nick Doucet on the genome of Dictyopanus pusillus, the first eukaryote we have sequenced, is out:

PLOS ONE realizes an academic editor had a conflict of interest that the  publisher says it now tries harder to avoid – Retraction Watch

August: Our amazing postdoc Antony Vincent got his professor appointment at Université Laval:

September: Our article on Sigma Factor regulation, in collaboration with Marcel Behr, is out:

New research article published in Frontiers in Microbiology

October: Our scientific article about regulation of Sigma factor activity via methylation of promoters in Leptospira is out:

New 'featured paper' in Nucleic Acids Research, – Integrative Biomolecular  Modeling

See press release:

MediLabSecure : Institut Pasteur

November: 1) Our scientific article about a new compound that selectively kills Neisseria pathogens is out:

Home | Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

2) A press release on that topic and several articles in the media:

Radio Canada

TVA Nouvelles

3) Eve Bernet (Ph.d. in the lab) received the first prize for her Poster presentation at the JQRSR

4) Our collaboration with Yves St-Pierre about Mycobacteria and mussels is out:

Scientific Reports

5) Martin Chenal (Ph.d.) in the lab got the second prize at the national final of “Ma thèse en 180s” (3 minute thesis)

6) 3 students from the lab (Ève Bernet, Martin Chenal, Juan Guerra) officially completed their M.Sc. and obtained their diploma. Two of them (Ève and Martin) are staying with us for a PhD.

December: I got my tenure associate prof promotion !!!! and Our article CAPRIB is out:

Institut Sophia Agrobiotech - BMC Genomics

We are back!

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After few months at home students are back in the lab… Check out soon their amazing work to be released in the next couple of days.

Thanks to my amazing 2020 team!

Felicitation Marthe Lebughe: INRS – Innovation price

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Good Luck in your future Career. It was sometime difficult but you never quit and you made it to the end with honors. Thanks for your effort and your trust.

Welcome Florian Coudray

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Anis has left us for few months but Florian arrived to take the lead on the project on regulatory network that governs cell-shape. He is doing is DUT Clermont-Ferrand Internship. Good luck 😉

A week full of good News

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The BISP Congress was a great success full of exciting Science.
Martin Chenal (M.Sc.) Received the price for best oral presentation! Felicitations!