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Felicitation Marthe Lebughe: INRS – Innovation price

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Good Luck in your future Career. It was sometime difficult but you never quit and you made it to the end with honors. Thanks for your effort and your trust.

Welcome Florian Coudray

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Anis has left us for few months but Florian arrived to take the lead on the project on regulatory network that governs cell-shape. He is doing is DUT Clermont-Ferrand Internship. Good luck 😉

A week full of good News

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The BISP Congress was a great success full of exciting Science.
Martin Chenal (M.Sc.) Received the price for best oral presentation! Felicitations!

Welcome Anis!

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Welcome ANIS AIT ALI YAHIA from Algeria, University of sciences and technology Houari-boumediene (USTHB), that will work on cell shape evolution in the Neisseriaceae family.


Influence of LPS modifications on OMVs production

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Our paper in j. Bact is online (not proof edited):

PmrC/EptA and CptA negatively affect outer membrane vesicle production in Citrobacter rodentium.

I am thankful for this nice last collaboration with a talented researcher Hervé le Moual, and congratulation to the amazing student Anshul Sinha (and Sammy Nyongesa)!!!!


2018 Institut Pasteur International Network Symposium

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A really great moment of scientific excitation with all the IP network all around the globe!