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Welcome to Sarah Ouali

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DSC_0022Today, we welcome Sarah Ouali a New Research trainee from France (DUT Chimie d’Auvergne)

Welcome and great success for your project on the anti-neisseria compounds in collaboration with S. Laplante and A. Castonguay.

DNA exchange between nasopharyngeal pathogens.

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Another good news, the article of our collaborator Alastaire McEwan just get accepted in Frontiers in Microbiology. We describe the exchange of nmlR-adhC-estD locus between two well-known nasopharyngeal pathogens (Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria menigitidis).

You can see the draft here.

New M. Sc. Student

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Today, we welcome Marthe Lebughe (MD) a New M.Sc. student from RDC and a PCBF fellow.

Welcome and great success for your project on the nasopharyngeal microbiota.


Réseau en Santé Respiratoire du FRQS (RSR)

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Many thanks to the RSR-FRSQ for selecting our project (Bacterial symbionts adaptation to the human respiratory tract) for the “Programme de mentorat des jeunes chercheurs” !



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D-3 before the relocation…


Monthly TB meetings

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FredOn Wednesday our group was presenting our last results to the  McGill International TB Center at the Glenn.
Great discussions (and a lot of beers) have followed with a lot of new ideas!!!

New Research trainee and future M.Sc. student in the lab.

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Today we welcome Marc-André Hamelin from La Cité Collegiale working on antibacterial compounds!