Bienvenue à Amélie Caradec

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Bienvenue à Amélie (maitrise en Imagerie de l’université de Rouen) qui va effectuer sa formation en imagerie du vivant!

Calmette, Guérin … and Armand Frappier. Meeting with the past !

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Great discussion at the Institut Pasteur de Lille invited by the Center of Infection and Immunity of Lille.

A nice detour in the past of the founder of Institut Armand Frappier and at the origin of my research topics on M. tuberculosis 😉


Evolution of H. pylori.

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Here is our new collaborative work with Hilde De Reuse published in PLoS pathogens.
We partially described how this bacterium has adapted to the gastric environment by completely reworking its metal homeostasis. A great collaboration funded by our common PTR Pasteur grant! A lot more to come…

At the Institut Pasteur (and other Universities in France) for 3 weeks ;-)

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I will be at the Institut Pasteur Paris for 3 weeks from now to December 15th.

At the Clermont-Ferrand University the 2nd of December.

At the Institut Pasteur Lille for a conference the 6th of December (Genesis of bacterial symbionts and beyond: the example of M. tuberculosis).

If you are interested to discuss in persons ideas or job opportunity in my lab, do not hesitate to contact me Send Mail


Congrès de bactériologie intégrative: symbiose & pathogenèse -2016-

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All the lab will be present and we are looking forward for the BISP symposium next Monday in Quebec city.


Congrès québecois en santé respiratoire journées du 4 et 5 novembre 2016

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img_4149 img_4157

Friday and Saturday, we were present at the RSR symposium in Montreal. A lot of great talk and stimulating discussion!