Congrès québecois en santé respiratoire journées du 4 et 5 novembre 2016

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Friday and Saturday, we were present at the RSR symposium in Montreal. A lot of great talk and stimulating discussion!

New article in PLoS pathogens coming soon…

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We are happy to announce that our team has participated in a recent study that just get formerly accepted in PLoS Pathogens on Helicobacter pylori evolution. More details will follow.

Thanks to all our collaborators from the Pasteur Institute (Paris) and particularly Hilde de Reuse.


The lab is celebrating two years of existence.

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After two lab relocation, 2 Ph.D., 1 M.Sc., 3 M.Sc. trainees, 8 B.Sc. trainees, 6 articles, 1 topic, myriad of grant submission, 4 successful ones …  the lab is celebrating its two years of existence.

A lot more to come …

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The world may soon run out of drugs to treat gonorrhea!

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Article by Kai Kupferschmidt, correspondent for Science magazine, explaining the concerns about the spread of atb resistant  gonococcus.











Photo: Neisseria gonorrhoeae infecting epithelial cells (F. Veyrier).

Institut Pasteur Annual Report:

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The annual report of the Institut Pasteur:  in cover, our collaborator Catherine Werts ! And a little paragraph for us (p37).